Rosaria Transparent Rose Mug


Elevate your daily routine with Rosaria, the mesmerizing transparent mug that exudes luxury and refinement. Its intricate design and premium craftsmanship make it a true standout piece, while the delicate Rose inside adds a touch of beauty and sophistication to your morning cup of coffee or tea. Savor the moment as you sip from Rosaria's comfortable handle and bask in the radiant glow of the floating Rosaria. A perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, Rosaria is an unforgettable addition to any collection and is sure to impress with its unparalleled elegance and beauty.

  • Stunning beauty: The mesmerizing rosebud floating inside Rosarium adds a touch of natural elegance and sophistication to your daily cup of coffee or tea.
  • Rosarium is crafted with high-quality glass, ensuring both durability and refinement in every sip.
  • Capacity: 400ml