FlexBrush™ Easy Flexible Toilet Brush

"Cleaning the toilet used to drive me crazy! I was tired of missing spots in the hard-to-reach places. But all of that changed when I tried this brush! My toilet has never looked so clean and I've recommended it to several people I know. Say goodbye to traditional brushes!"

Are you aware of the amount of spots you miss while cleaning your toilet with a traditional brush? FlexBrush™ is the world's first flexible, D-shaped silicone head that reaches all areas, even under the rim! The design is great for drying the brush, leaving the toilet scratch-free, and reducing odor. Super lightweight yet sturdy, it is convenient for folks of all ages. Say goodbye to traditional toilet brushes! 

✅ Stop Missing Areas On Your Toilet
FlexBrush™ soft TPR brush head is designed to reach any dead corner for you. Very helpful for cleaning the toilet lid edge, and inside the groove of the toilet.

More Hygienic Than Regular Toilet Brushes
Silicone brushes attract less germs than regular brushes do. The FlexBrush™ brush holder is also detachable, making it easier to clean after usage which will result in a more sanitary bathroom environment.

Free Holder Included
FlexBrush™ comes with a free holder that is designed with a stable base that allows you to dry the brush quicker. With a clever ventilation design, the holder channels water away through the upper and lower ends, which makes it easier to keep the base clean. 

Lasts Longer Than Traditional Brushes
FlexBrush™ tends to last longer than regular brushes as less bacteria gets caught up in silicone bristles. 

Non-scratch Brush
The FlexBrush™ head leaves the toilet surface scratch-free, which is more friendly than traditional brushes. Perfect for keeping your toilet protected.

Reduce Odor
Putting the brush into the holder will block any inner smell and any unpleasant odors in your bathroom.

Multiple Usages To Clean Multiple Things
Buy multiple for each bathroom or use it for a sink, wash basin, and even bathtubs.